Approximate Costing
Replace wigUp to 10 inch sizing$15
Up to 15 inch sizing$25
More than 15 inch sizing$35
Custom make wig for black doll$25
Condition and restyle hair$15
Re-root hair
Replace sleep eyesCapsule style up to 10 inch doll$15
25 inch doll$25
Repair vintage sleep eyes$20-$25
Replace iris'$15
Replace eyelashes$15
Restring arms only$12
Restring arms and legsUp to 18 inch doll$20
20 inches and more$25
Condition all surfaces$15
Removal of stains (texta, pen, ink) Price starting from$20
Teddy Bears and Soft Toys
Replace plastic nose$10
Restitch embroidered nose$15
Replace glass eyes - modern$12
Replace vintage glass eyes$20
Replace hand blown antique glass eyes$25
Surface clean$20+
Total clean and replacement of filling$35+

Please note there is a minimum charge of $30 per completed order.
A deposit will be requested for all orders.
We accept bank deposit, eftpos, paypal and cash.
Items can be sent by post or freight if required.
* Unless arrangements are made and agreed to by both parties, all items not collected 6 months after notification of completion shall be sold at auction to reclaim costs.